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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

Ah, at last the air is warming, and there are signs that the earth is awakening from her long winter's nap. This always comes as a relief to me.

It's not that winter is so very long. The time goes quickly, but always weighs heavily on my spirit, so I am glad to see these harbingers of Spring and to listen to the birds sing their come hither songs.

A light exists in spring

Not present on the year

At any other period

When March is scarcely here.

--Emily Dickinson

It's not quite March, but close enough. One more week, and February will be behind us! Time to wake myself up and come out of my hibernation and start making plans. There are things to be done! Places to go! People to see! New directions, New beginnings.


I got a nice surprise last week after our students returned from a week's break. One of my 8th grade girls came up and said, "Mrs. G, I have a present for you."
Not expecting this, my response was rather short, "Why?"
"Because I went to Spain," was the answer, which made some more sense of the situation, because I am her Spanish teacher.
Inside a plastic bag was this lovely little paella pan complete with foil sealed paella, ready to cook for dinner. Need I say that few students would be this thoughtful? Heck, I'm not that thoughtful, so I was really touched, but, being me, had to use this to tease the rest.
I held up the box and said, "Look everyone, C-- likes me. She brought me a paella pan from Spain."
So, one of the boys came up and said, "I like you, too, Mrs. G. Here's a cough drop," and he gave me a cough drop.
Not to be outdone, one of the girls came up and said, "I like you, too, Mrs. G. Here's a hug from Italy," and she gave me a hug.
"Thanks," I responded, "but I'm sure glad you didn't go to France."
The paella was a nice surprise and we had it for supper. It felt like a random act of kindness, because it was so unexpected. Thanks, again, C--!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Like the bears, I long to hibernate during the long winter months and not wake up again till the days are warm and sunny. The birds know Spring is coming. They are singing merrily in the bare trees. I just want to burrow under the covers, sink into their depths and know nothing until there is something worth knowing.