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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back to School

The beginning of school is always hectic, frenetic and harried, and this year no less than any other. I am teaching a class (Spanish 2) I have not taught for several years and started the year with not enough books to go around. I took a while to get that sorted out. Coming up with new lesson plans and dealing with learning deficits in some of my students is taking up a lot of time. Jim is coaching cross country again. I like this design, even though it didn't go on this years' shirts, because it represents the type of course they run and the persistence needed to run the distance. I was able to use the design on the certificates for our home meet, however, so it wasn't wasted.

Ultimately, the kids chose a different design. I still like this one. So for now it will sit on the back burner. Maybe another year.